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Postoperative Care by DARCO

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After Foot Surgery or Foot and Ankle Injuries

How am I able to walk?

After foot surgery or foot and ankle injuries as well as in case of problems due to malpositions the question for the "right shoe" comes up. DARCO pays particular attention not only to the immobilization of the foot after surgery, but also to the encouragement of the healing process as well as to the restoration of the patient's mobility.

For many years DARCO has specifically focused on the development of shoe models explicitly dedicated to this type of care. With our shoes patients are able to manage their everyday life without major restrictions - in business, private life or leisure time.

DARCO has established itself internationally as a world leader in most hospitals, surgical centres and special foot surgery centres with regard to postoperative shoes, wound care shoes and Castboots as well as Sole Systems. Tapes, Bandaging Material and Consumables for stabilization as well as devices for preventive and postoperative care represent an important part of our product range.

We would be pleased to inform you on our different shoe models with regard to application and handling. Please refer to the product navigation on the left, where you can receive detailed information on our single products.

Representing state-of-art technology

Close cooperation with leading specialists worldwide

Our R&D team consisting of orthopaedic technicians and product designers focuses on the development of new products representing state-of-art technology in close cooperation with leading medical specialists and physiotherapists.

DARCO - Innovation in Foot Care Technology DARCO is specifically involved in promoting and expanding existing knowledge as well as organizing multiple further training opportunities which include workshops, congresses, symposiums and exhibitions. In the past years this has become a source of information for medical specialists and a platform for mutual exchange. DARCO's close cooperation with foot surgery specialists around the world, international medical associations and biomechanical institutes is the basis for innovative product research and development providing outstanding efficiency and ensuring highest quality standards for our products. This is the way we include practical know-how and modern technology in our product design and how we remain standing firmly on our own two feet.

Orthopedic devices and shoes by DARCO

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