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Innovative concept
Stability, shock absorption, pressure redistribution after foot surgery, Off-loading Shoe

Relief Dual®
Off-loading Shoe

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Relief Insert® Walker
Lower Leg/Foot Orthosis

Immobilising the foot and ankle after surgery while simultaneously promoting the patient's mobility

Walker Lower Leg/Foot Orthosis. Immobilisation of the foot with simultaneous mobilisation of the patient

Two-in-one solution: On the one hand an alternative to a walker and, on the other, a backing splint

simple wound inspection as the shoe can be easily removed and put on again

hygienic through removal of the shoe

physiologically correct gait pattern

improved comfort through the continuous soft foot bed

3 women's sizes:
WS (34 - 36,5), WM (37 - 38,5), WL (39 - 41)

4 men's sizes:
MS (39 - 41), MM (41,5 - 43),
ML (43,5 - 45), MXL (45,5 - 47)

Colour: Grey-Blue

Additional application option after foot or ankle surgery (in addition to use as a walker):
Postoperative positioning through the backing splint

Postoperative positioning through the backing splint
  • stabilisation through a full-footed, Double-sided rigid shell
  • pre and post-operative immobilization splint
  • support against 'Drop Foot'
  • easily adjusted for changes in swelling
  • comfortable, clean, light-weight solution for resting and at night
  • Talus and the calcaneus maintained in neutral position




On the one hand an alternative to a walker and, on the other, a backing splint

Pressure measurement of Relief Insert® Walker:

a b c

From left to right:
a) Relief Dual® (neutral measurement)
b) Relief Dual® with Relief Contour Insole   > High pressure redistribution
c) Relief Insert® Walker  > Significantly better reduction of pressure spikes

To enlarge, please click the scans

Scale: (N/cm2):


Relief Insert® Walker including Relief Dual® and Relief Contour Insole:

The flat Relief Dual® Off-loading Shoe which does not have a plateau in the forefoot region provides stability and reduces pressure on the foot following foot surgery.

On the one hand an alternative to a walker and, on the other, a backing splint

The Relief Dual® including Relief Contour Insole creates the perfect basis for the Relief Insert® Walker.

Visit our product demonstration video:

Further Information:

Download: User Manual Relief Insert® Walker (PDF)
Download Flyer: "Two-in-One: Introducing the Relief Insert® Walker" (PDF)
Call by E-mail: Literature Relief Insert® Walker
Download: DARCO Europe E-Journal, Issue 16 (Oct 2018) feat. Relief Insert® Walker (PDF)
Download: DARCO Product Catalogue "Orthopaedic Devices and Shoes" (PDF)

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Included with delivery:

Relief Dual® Off-loading Shoe
Relief Contour Insole Cushion Insole
for use following hallux valgus and small toe surgeries
Individually adjustable Relief Insert® backing splint with hook and loop fasteners

Compatible with:

PegAssist® Insole Off-loading Insole
for selective off-loading during acute treatment
Puzzle Insole® modular Insole
Modular Insole for plantar pressure redistribution
Toe Cap optional available.
Protects the toes from exposur, increased wearing comfort.

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