DARCO国际首席执行官Darrel Darby:
在杰出服务奖(DSC)颁奖典礼上的讲话,以纪念他已逝的父亲Darrel Darby DPM

  DARCO-Gründer Dr. H. Darrel Darby

Dr. H. Darrel Darby
Founder of DARCO Int.

Darrel Darby,医学博士,于1985年成立DARCO国际有限公司。针对当时主导市场的木质鞋底术后康复鞋的设计及实际效果其深感弊端太多,开始尝试将运动鞋技术引入术后鞋的设计,并开创性地发展了全球第一款结合半刚性鞋底的达科术后康复鞋。其人性化的设计让患者感觉更舒适,坚实固定下的康复行走锻炼使患者术后痊愈更快。该术后鞋面市后三十多年里,一直是全球足踝外科医生的最佳选择。DARCO迅速成长为国际足踝外科产品知名品牌。


在Dr. Darby先生整个医学职业生涯中,一直坚定地支持足踝外科教育事业的发展,并将DARCO销售所得的部分份额用于学生奖学金。其参与成立的国际座谈会,已成为德国最大的足踝外科专业研讨会,并多次赞助中国的足踝外科学术会议。2004年他被美国足踝外科学会(AMPA)追授“杰出服务证书”,这是该协会授予的最高荣誉,以表彰他对足踝矫形专业的贡献。

MedSurg Postoperative Shoe 1985: Dr. H. Darrel Darby, a practicing podiatrist, developed the Darby Med-Surg Shoe - a postoperative shoe intending to replace the traditional wooden shoes. This postoperative shoe built around a semi-rigid sole integrated for the first time a new and innovative sports shoe technology. Since then DARCO distributes innovative products for foot surgery worldwide introducing standards for postoperative care

1987: Distribution of DARCO International, Inc. is moved from Chicago, Illinois, USA to the company's main office in Huntington, West Virginia.

1992: Foundation of DARCO (Europe) GmbH in Dießen am Ammersee, Germany, as distribution centre for Europe

In the mid-90s DARCO has started developing and distributing specific implants for new and innovative methods for foot surgery. Products that have become indispensable for foot surgeons in their daily routine.

1996: DARCO starts its own in-house production.
As main sponsor of the Society for Foot and Ankle surgery DARCO continues to directly exchange knowledge and developments with the most experienced foot surgeons.

1999: ISO Certification of DARCO (Europe) GmbH

2003: DARCO headquarters is moving from Dießen am Ammersee to its new location in Raisting. Continuous growth has demanded a larger company site. The explicitly designed seminar centre now offers Further Training and Education on DARCO's own premises.

2005: Foundation of DARCO's Osteosynthesis production in Raisting.

2007: The distribution of DARCO's Osteosynthesis products is taken over by Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

2008: Medical care products for Sports and Physiotherapy are integrated into DARCO's product portfolio. Our long-lasting tradition in further training and education helps us to regularly offer courses and seminars on the application of standard taping and kinesiological taping with Elastic Tapes for physiotherapists and physicians all over Germany.

2010: The Arctic Air® technology is integrated into DARCO's product portfolio.

2012: Foundation of DARCO Medical India Pvt. Ltd. in Dharwad, Karnataka.

2013: Molliter, an innovative program of 1st and 2nd prevention and acute phase of Diabetic Foot is integrated in the German portfolio.

2014: As of August 1st 2014 DARCO acquires the exclusive distribution rights for the Original MECRON product line Europe wide. The MECRON product range is comprised of splints and bandages designed to maintain and restore the function of the entire musculoskeletal system.

2015: DARCO International is celebrating its 30-years anniversary.

2017: DARCO acquired Globus GmbH in Köhra near Leipzig. Globus GmbH is the manufacturing center for MECRON splints and bandages.

2018: DARCO expands its presence in the UK and secures a subsidiary in one of its longest serving suppliers. V-M ORTHOTICS LTD in Suffolk, has become a fully operational DARCO Hub in the UK. This expansion to the hg DARCO group sees a new distribution centre serving England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

DARCO - 源自1985。




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